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Living Word Assembly was originally planted as Richmond Charismatic Teaching Center by God at the faithful calling of Pastor Mike Guthrie.  In 1977, after humble beginnings in the Guthrie home and later the Holiday Inn conference room, the church moved to 5008 Lakeside Ave. where it remained for the next eight years.  Because of questionable doctrine and other issues within the Charismatic movement, God lead Pastor Guthrie to disassociate the Church's identity with the Charismatic Community. 


In 1985, operating under the new name of Living Word Assembly, the Church would relocate to 11088 Washington Highway in Glen Allen.  This larger and nicer facility would be home for the Church until 1994. 

While continuing to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, we found a new home in the "Center of the Universe", Ashland, Virginia.  This location in the heart of Ashland at 302 England Street, would be home until 2013 when God provided a blessing surpassing all expectations.

After some 37 years of renting or leasing properties for the church to meet in,  God provided an existing "church" building and the means and finances to purchase it debt free.  Located at 12718 Greenwood Road, this facility has proved to be not only adequate but "exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think". (Eph 3:20).  


In Memoriam: June 22, 1944 - February 12, 2019i

Phillip Michael Guthrie, AKA Pastor Mike Guthrie was born again in 1973 leaving the old life and joining the family of God in his journey through this world. In 1977, he left his family's business, the Golden Skillet Restaurants, to answer God's call to fulfill pastoral duties and to plant our church, Living Word Assembly. He would serve faithfully as pastor and shepherd of the church for the next 42 years. In February of 2019, Pastor Guthrie put off mortality and put on immortality, departing this life to receive his full reward in Glory. It is because of his faithful service and Biblical teachings that the church     remains intact today and will for many generations to come. Below is a link to many of   his archived teachings.