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MISSIONS: (Mt 28:18f)

As born again believers, and disciples (students) of Jesus Christ, we are all called to share the gospel – the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ. (Mt 24:14, Lk 24:44-51).


Mission fields are all around us. A mother’s field may simply be her children. No less important than one who gives up the riches and comforts of this world to join a team of missionaries in a foreign land. Some might argue, even more important. (Ps 127:3)

As we walk this life GOD, by His Holy Spirit, places appointed opportunities before us at our places of employment, in our schools, in the market place and restaurants. Wherever we go, we can sow the seed of GOD’s word, in speech or in actions. (Mt 7:6, Mt 5:14-16)


Do we support foreign missions? Yes, we do and have always supported foreign missions. We won’t talk a lot about that for two reasons.1.(Mt 6:2f) We don’t want to “toot our horn”. 2. Because of the sensitive nature and location of the current team, sharing details could endanger lives. Suffice to say, it is a good work…(Eph 2:10, Mt 6:3)